About Us


EDPN Vietnam was found in 2010 by join-venture between Singapore and Vietnamese to deliver power quality systems and services to commercial business and industry. The principle partners draw down on over 15 years of electrical experience and are working to provide the next generation in power protection and service delivery.

EDPN Vietnam services the whole of Vietnam and Indochina and specialises in providing support to businesses operating in information technology, communications, security, medicine, audio visual, manufacturing and mining. EDPN has team on the ground in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh. We support our own products and hold our own stock meaning you get looked after by us, not third parties.

SalesStaff are well trained and understand what our products can do for your business and insure a quick turn around when it comes to quotes, sales and inquiries.

Technical & Service Staffs are certified trained and promptly identify & troubleshooting products’ issues to help system get back to work as soon as possible.

Ask yourself this? – can your current distributor offer you the product range and support to deliver the correct solution to you and your business or are you just dealing with another box mover?


We’re here to support our resellers and irrespective of your experience EDPN Vietnam will empower you with the ability to respond to every opportunity. We can delivery as many or as little of the following services as you require:

  1. SALES
  2. SUPPLY What ever power product you need, we can supply it and support it.
  3. DELIVERY Direct shipments to you or your client, sensitive freight, positioning on site, same day deliveries, we can manage it all.
  4. INSTALLATION We employ our own expert electricians and engineers that can specify and install any solution you or we can come up with. If you don’t have the team, we’ll let you use ours.
  5. MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT EDPN Vietnam warrants authorized products & certified trained employs its own maintenance crew and has its own technical support team to make sure you and your client get the required maintenance and support.


  1. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – all topologies, all technologies, all solutions.
  2. Lightning and Surge Protection – Electrical, Network, Industrial
  3. DC Power – Rectifiers, Inverters, Converters – all voltages, all capacities
  4. Batteries – Vented, VRLA, Gel, Vented Ni-cad, MAINTENANCE-FREE Ni-Cad
  5. Renewables – Solar (Photovoltaic, Thermal)
  6. Power cables
  7. Precision Air-Cooling system
  8. Enclosures – Standard, Industrial & Air Conditioned


  • Power quality and protection consulting
  • Electrical infrastructure installation and maintenance
  • Power quality analysis
  • Multi-vendor equipment maintenance
  • Remote monitoring via Web, Phone, SMS, GRPS
  • Battery maintenance and replacement
  • Data centre and computer room power audits
  • Equipment repair
  • Custom software integration solutions