Removal and Replacement

EDPN Vietnam can recommend, quote, supply and install the right battery to suit your power system either on site or at our service centre.

For VRLA/Ni-cd professional advices & services, please call our Services Manager on +84 904 40 40 36

Batteries perform one of the most important functions in the provision of emergency power.
Yet despite this fact they are often neglected.

It is difficult to judge the condition of batteries at a glance as there are typically no obvious indications.

If a battery has reached a point where it is swollen or cracked then it has completely failed and will not provide any useful backup power.

Most UPS will display a faulty/replace battery indicator but these indicators often wait to the very last moment

However it is time to replace batteries if the a power system is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  1. Red light showing on the front of the equipment (typically on UPS). If the indicator is marked with a battery symbol and an X then it is 100% due. It is almost guaranteed that the UPS or power system will fail immediately if this indicator is showing.
  2. There is a sulfuric smell emanating from the area around the UPS. As batteries degrade they have difficulty holding charge. Some power systems continue to charge batteries despite this fact and cause the batteries to vent gas. Call EDPN Vietnam immediately if this is the case.
  3. Batteries are visibly swollen. Swollen batteries are another result of over charging. This is a sign that the batteries are incapable of holding a full charge.
  4. Runtime / hold up time is noticeably decreased (assumes the equipment load has not increased). As batteries are used (cycled) and age their performance degrades. If your power system is not providing the backup time it used to it could be a sign that the batteries are degrading. This condition will worsen overtime to a point where the power system will not provide any backup time.
  5. The batteries are more than 3 years old (for standard 5 year design life batteries). At three years battery performance in a UPS will start to degrade. The degradation will depend on environmental factors like room temperature, battery design life and quality, and the frequency of battery use.

Charger and UPS Replacement

EDPN Vietnam offer a Indochina wide installation service for batteries, chargers, inverters/ converters and standard or industrial UPS, with our highly capable installation, testing and maintenance team the job will be done in the most efficient and cost effective way.

All new batteries, chargers, inverters/ converters and standard or industrial UPS will be commissioned and tested (including any alarms connected to the system)

A completion report, showing all work and testing undertaken, will be provided.


  • Onsite / Offsite preventive maintenance
  • Equipments Assembly and installation

  • Electrical Infrastructure Design and Installation
  • Installation Planning
  • Load bank Test
  • Orientation and Training Service
  • Start-UP kit