Why Maintenance is Important

In order for your battery backup systems to be 100% reliable they need looking after, just like any other system, it needs regular maintenance and testing.

The battery system is in most cases your last option of keeping your system operational, if it fails…….YOU HAVE FAILED……..in providing the necessary back up to prevent downtime and in extreme cases even put people’s lives at risk!!!

The result: unhappy customers – financial loss – unhappy boss – and possible loss of your life!!

Can you afford the power behind your system to be anything less than 100%???

A typical example of a "maintenance free battery"

This battery has been free from maintenance for at least 10 years, apart from the occasional topping up. After a thorough inspection the battery was condemned, and a replacement of the whole system recommended.

Excessive accumulated debris in the bottom of the cell, internal short danger.

The cell must be replaced.

Cell post and intercell connector corroded and weakened

With the added problem of a loose intercell connector creating hight resistance and with that the danger of the connection becoming hot, which in turn can create in the worst case scenario a explosion.

Battery Maintenance

When it comes to powering your systems the penalty of failure is too great.

Studies have shown that the major cause of premature battery failure is due to the lack of regular maintenance.

At one time or another we’ve all experienced the need for battery backup, remember the last time a storm knocked out your power in your home and you reached for a torch, only to find the batteries dead?

Stationary batteries need maintenance to perform in times of emergency to.

EDPN can perform a complete customised Battery Maintenance Program to meet your needs.

Battery Maintenance Program

Our maintenance program offers vitaly important measurements and inspections which can be tailor made to meet individual site or customer requirements.

This includes a visual inspection, and a professional report summarizing the results.

Batteries Unlimited will also work with you on any recommended course of action that may be necessary to insure the proper operation of your investment.

Can you afford the power behind your system to be anything less than 100%?

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