Reliable Backup Power When You Need it

Tasked with providing power to millions of businesses and homes, the utility industry plays a pivotal role in providing us power. In the event of a power failure, processes stop. For this very reason, utilities are concerned with permitting their most significant systems to run through blackout conditions via the use of backup power.

EDPN is focused on providing backup power solutions to the transmission and distribution areas in the utilities industry, where dependability is of vital importance and secure power systems have been in use for many years. EDPN is currently working with utility companies throughout the Vietnam to increase the reliability and the run time of substation control and communication systems, which are all of crucial importance in maintaining the control of the electrical grid.

For more information on how our robust range of Standard UPS and Industrial UPS systems are providing backup power across the Vietnam to support the utilities industry please call us on +84 (0) 4 3726 4905 or email us at [email protected].

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