Monitoring and control of battery groups up to 330 individual cells/blocks
Available for 12V, 6V, 2V, 1.3-3.6Volt batteries from 7Ah to 6000Ah capacity
Easy retrofitting on existing battery systems
BACS Starter Kit includes a BACS WEBMANAGER with battery isolated communications and a BACS Hard- & Software Tool Kit to analyse Battery histories
Optional remote monitoring through UNMS
Optional auxiliary sensors for environmental data and integration of 3rd party sensors into the BACS management system

Technical Data of the BACS Accumulator Modules

Module BACS® C20 
 Module BACS® C23  Module BACS® C30  Module BACS® C40 
Order No. BACSC20
Order No. BACSC23
Order No. BACSC30
Order No. BACSC40
REV 3 - Module for 12Volt 7-600Ah lead batteries (UL certified) 7V–17VREV 3 - Module for 16Volt 7-600Ah lead batteries,REV 3 - Module for 6Volt 7-900Ah lead batteries.REV 3 - Module for 2Volt 7-5000Ah lead batteries (UL certified) Voltage and Temperature measurement
Voltage range
4.8V – 8.0V
1.25V – 3.2V
RI range
Equalisation power
0.15 A0.12 A0.3 A0.9 A (at 2.27V)

Subject to changes without notice

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Battery module for monitoring individual blocks in the 7-6000 Ah range that optimizes the usage of battery capacity and increases durability for all types of lead batteries.

Patented “Equalizing” principle to distribute the charging voltage on individual batteries, up to 150mA on every battery.

Efficient homogenisation of voltage levels on batteries up to 300Ah.

Measurements of each individual block for Voltage, Temperature and Active internal resistance.